lunes, 27 de junio de 2011


Because when we have the happiness in the eyes, don’t know her. Always think about what we’re missing, wanting things we don’t, things of others, and really all we need to be happy is there biting his hand. We believe that happiness is elusive and sometimes we convince ourselves that we’ll never be happy, but only up to us to find happiness is to know what we have, value and care, finding happiness is much easier what we believe, some spend their lives searching for happiness, if not find despair, resigned to being unhappy life. The problem is that people don’t understand, doesn’t understand that happiness is not in one place and have to go look, because happiness is always, is in a conversation, a friend, at a glance, a smile … The happiness is something so simple, sometimes even we don’t realize is and that’s the problem, that was my mistake.

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